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Tweak <The Athletic Edge>“TWEAK – The Athletic Edge,” in Birmingham, Michigan, is an incredible resource for coaches and athletes who want to improve swimming technique and performance. I visited TWEAK recently for a tune-up on my freestyle. I’ve been swimming competitively since I was 7 years old. I swam at Michigan and coached high school swimming for 10 years. – In short, I didn’t think there was much TWEAK could teach me. – Was I ever wrong! In 10 minutes TWEAK Swim Stroke Analyst and University of Michigan Swimmer (Class of 2008), Johnny Austermann drastically improved my stroke. Immediate feedback from video replay, at the edge of the Endless Pool tank, combined with awesome computer software and Johnny’s insightful comments clearly demonstrated the changes I needed to make in minutes. Johnny videoed, stop-actioned and compared my good strokes with the bad. – I GOT IT!!! AND YOU WILL TOO!!!. Visit Johnny and TWEAK if you want to train and compete with the proper technique. Why grind it out swimming the wrong way? TWEAK works closely with and is respectful of coaches. TWEAK is there to support and augment coaches. Check out TWEAK at: You’ll be amazed, just as I was. (by the way, I am not being paid. This is a heartfelt endorsement!)