The PACE PAL® underwater pace clock was designed and developed by a lifelong swimmer. It’s challenging to keep motivated and stay on pace in the pool each day.

The PACE PAL® underwater pace clock was created to meet that need with it’s high contrast LCD screen and highly visible BOLD DIGITS. Naturally portable in nature, it weighs just over 3 lbs and fits into exercise bags easily. It’s long life battery is also easy to replace if needed.

PACE PAL®’s are Ideal for Endless Pools and for Ultra Short Race Pace Training sets. Naturally PACE PAL® can be used above water as well which maximizes it’s usability as well as your investment.

A note from Larry:

I’ve been a swimmer most of my life; wanted a HIGHLY VISIBLE count-up timer on the bottom of the pool or at the end of my lane. U.S. PATENT NO. 8,472,285. Thank you,

Larry Day, President, PACE PAL, LLC d/b/a PACE PAL®
(University of Michigan Swimmer ’69 – ’73)